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Welcome to PRE/SENT, the first online multi-event gifting registry in Europe.

The mission of PRE/SENT is to provide a safe space where you create and manage your own channel through which your family and friends can contribute towards your significant life events. Whether you just got engaged and want to start the wedding planning, or if you are anticipating your upcoming birthday party, our registry has got you covered for any event big or small!

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Lily - founder and CEO of PRE/SENT

Hi! My name is Lily,
I am the founder and CEO of PRE/SENT

A little about HOW PRE/SENT was born

My passion for the event industry began in the late teenage years when I worked my first job as a waitress in a local wedding venue in Ireland. Every job I’ve had ever since has had customer experience and complete client satisfaction at the core of it - I am a people pleaser! I have been working on building the perfect online registry while working in the sunny Maldives, but PRE/SENT was born as I strolled the streets of the French Riviera with my friend in the summer of 2022. It was a “lightbulb” moment during a casual conversation and became my greatest vision yet.

A little about WHY PRE/SENT was born

Physical card-and-cash gifting system is no longer and rapidly being replaced by hassle-free solutions like registries. This has proven beneficial especially in the USA, now it is also time for Europe. In my first job during weddings, I would see cards with money inside getting lost, thrown about or forgotten by guests who simply wanted to live some carefree moments.

An online registry is the perfect solution that enables you to receive a monetary contribution towards your event even before it happens - A pre-sent present! You can see exactly who gifted you what and the value of the gift. the best part? It is you who decides what gifts you will receive, whether these are physical items, experiences or simply monetary contributions.

In this Present moment, there’s better alternatives than receiving an unwanted set of kitchen pans or a pair of shoes too small

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Thank you for visiting our website and I hope you find the navigation simple, seamless, and joyful!

We are here,

With love…