Frequently Asked Questions

PRE/SENT is an online registry service that collects cash funds for any type of your event. Guests may choose an item or experience from the Wishlist and pay for it. Once the payment is received, you may proceed to purchase it or keep it safe in your bank.

Not only you can receive gifts, PRE/SENT also allows you to make your own personalized website for guests to have an easy overview of the event details such as the date and location. It is a one-for-all page where they can reach you easily using your contact details provided or read your story and learn the date and location of your event.

Yes! The sign up process is absolutely free! The only fees charged are the service fees upon the completion of a payment.

Owning a registry is having multiple tasks related to event planning all in one place. Your guests can access your website which includes relevant information about the event, your contact details, your story and, of course, your Wishlist which gives them a great opportunity to gift you something that they know you will love!

The minimal service fees ensure smooth operation of PRE/SENT website and contribute towards its continuous expansion. It is you who decides who pays them – yourself, your guest, or split 50/50. For any registry contribution lower than 100eur or equivalent, we will charge 10% of the total amount.

Contributions between 100 and 500 will be charged at 5%.

Contributions higher than 500 will only be charged at 3% of the total amount.

No, you don’t. An existing registry can be accessed using a link and/or a secret code given by the celebrant to you. No sign up necessary.

Yes. If you wish to own a registry, you will be prompted to provide some personal information including your bank and contact details, email address and you will create a password to access and manage all of your registries.

While this is only our debut, we believe it is going to be revolutionary. We are constantly working on improving the website and adding new features. Monthly Present will give you fresh ideas and advice for your registries, it will have testimonials and important explanations about new elements of the page. Trust us, you do not want to miss out on this one!

If you are registered on PRE/SENT, you may search for another existing registry using the person’s full name in the search bar (or by using the URL/secret keyword of the person’s registry). If you are not registered on PRE/SENT, you will need the URL/secret keyword of the person’s registry and you will only provide basic personal details so that the receiver knows who the gift is from.

This is entirely up to you but remember the sooner it is created, the sooner you can start receiving cash funds and purchasing your desired gifts. Recommended time for big events such as weddings is six months to one year in advance, as your cash funds can gradually be collected and stored.

There is no item that is too expensive on PRE/SENT. To allow for gifts of different budgets, PRE/SENT has developed “custom amount” options where guests may contribute towards the Wishlist items rather than paying for the full value of it. The most expensive items can therefore be broken down and gifted by many people.

The piggy bank is an ideal way of receiving spontaneous cash funds which can be freely used or saved. It is a great alternative if you do not have any particular items that you want gifted. Piggy bank may also be used as an additional option along with physical items and experiences, when the Wishlist becomes limited.

If you are unsure of what you need or want, we recommend setting up a Piggy Bank. If you do not know the true value of an item or an experience, you can research it and round up its average value so that you do not fall short when making the purchase.

Your PRE/SENT URL and Social Sharing options provide you with an easy way to share your registry with your loved ones. Anyone who has the URL can access your registry by clicking it or pasting it in the search bar. You may use the default or customized secret code which others can use to access the registry directly from the main page of our PRE/SENT website, if they do not have the URL link.

Yes. Your partner may provide their email address and personal details and receive notifications, however the contributions will go directly to one account that is connected through PRE/SENT.

Anyone who has the unique URL of your registry and/or your special code may access your registry. The registry will only be active between the period indicated by you in privacy settings.